8 Rose-infused Beauty Products That Will Steal Your Heart!

“Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.”


Who doesn’t like roses? Especially when the beauty products use roses as their main ingredient or take on the appearances of roses, so we are like……


Roses smell sooooo good and we just can’t resist its smell and beauty. Even though there are soooo many rose products in the market, I think we all agree that not all rose products are as attractive – like those pot pourri from Daiso (eurgh – but they look pretty though 😅). So, here are a few rose-infused products that we really loved and would like to share with you girls (and guys maybe?😉) and also, rose related products that we think are really interesting to know about!

1.  Stenders Cosmetics Wild Rose Series

In October 2015, the Latvian Brand Stenders opened their first (and last) flagship store in Plaza Singapura. We discovered this little gem prior to their closing where they were having massive 50% sale and fell straight in love with their products. (This explains the many products of theirs that we will be reviewing, please be prepared!)

Hydrating Facial Gel

This is a light hydration gel that doesn’t make you feel sticky or greasy after application. I find it suitable for combination / oily skin to use in the day in hot and humid weather. I always incorporate this product in my day skincare routine before I put on my makeup because it’s such a light weight moisturizer and it smells really good. However, it is not moisturizing enough to be used as night cream.

Rose Cream Soap

z48019_soap_rose_cream_webWell, the real thing doesn’t have those flowers on top of it. But anyways, this handcrafted soap has mild rose scent that is so natural unlike those with strong aroma which I really hate. However, this soap doesn’t lather much even though I use bath ball. I’m not sure if it is this soap or generally hand-crafted soap just doesn’t lather much. 🤔

Rose Body Yogurt

Yes, Stenders again. And this body yogurt is definitely my HOLY GRAIL. It smells nice, it is light weight and not greasy, the skin just absorbs it really quickly and it is really moisturizing. I also find that the hair follicle keratosis, so called ‘chicken skin bumps’, on my arm has reduced after using this body yogurt. But Singapore doesn’t have Stenders anymore, WHY 😥 😭

Micellar Water & Eye and Lip Makeup Remover


Again, the Stenders wild rose series has driven us two ladies head over heels for. Not only does the micellar water smells super nice, it also removes makeup really really well! Though I must say that the micellar water could be a little stingy for people with sensitive skin so beware of that. After a few use, eventually you will get used to the product so it will not be as stingy as before. The micellar water is also quite hydrating in the sense that it doesn’t strip off your skin after you remove the makeup so it’s a plus!

The eye and lip makeup remover is has a dual phase formula so it can effectively remove all the waterproof makeup. But a side effect is that you will feel an oily tinge on your skin, but we know, that’s normal and unavoidable! 😂



(The Burn is so strong and we just love it so so much! Maybe we should just airfrov it when we really can’t find any replacements 😢)

2. Skinfood Rose & Tea Scented Body Care Series

Skinfood has been around Singapore for a few years now and it’s only been recently where they started displaying their products in Guardian, making them much more available. When I found Skinfood at Guardian Singapore I was so happy about it, and they actually sell rose scented body milk! Well, I only bought the body milk, firstly, the smell is not as nice as Stenders Rose Body Yogurt and the texture is neither light nor heavy, just like a typical body lotion. Despite that, it does its job as a body lotion which moisturizes the skin and that’s good enough, I mean it’s rose scented and that’s what matters! 🙂



(Nothing hurts for trying this since it’s readily available in Guardian and it’s not too expensive 👍🏻)

3. L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Eclat Imperial

L’Oreal Paris has a series of rose hair care products infused with Precious French Rose Oil. I bought the hair conditioner and hair oil.

For the conditioner, I personally feel that I need to pump few more times to smoothen my super dry and frizzy hair during shower. However, I still like this conditioner because it’s light weight and doesn’t make my oily scalp greasy.

For the hair oil, I must say that it smells really good!! Sometimes if I go out just for few hours, I’ll just apply the hair oil before blow drying my hair, and use it like hair perfume because the faint rose scent will last for hours.



(If you think spraying perfume in your hair will dry your hair out, then you should TOTALLY try this!)

4. The Body Shop British Rose Series


Launched officially in May last year, the British Rose collection is truly a wonder for those who loves the good body care products from The Body Shop.

The products feature organic British roses that are hand-picked and air dried and infused into the products. Rose scented products have varied scents, some are really pungent, Aunty-like Bandung smell, some are refreshing and light. The Body Shop British Rose series belongs in the middle, the scent is strong, but not too strong that makes you feel overwhelmed and eventually gets tired of it – strong scented but definitely NOT Aunty-Bandung smell.

The body scrub is gel type and the exfoliant are actually dried rose petals and walnut shells. Personally I prefer these old school hard exfoliant to the soft ones like sugar which melts into the skin as you scrub because it gives a stronger kick. Sometimes you just need a good scrub! And also it is entirely organic so you don’t need to worry about the issues on the chemical microbeads and stuff.

Besides giving good scrubs, the gel scrub is also really moisturizing! I have used a bunch of The Body Shop’s body scrub – gel types and honey/sugar types, the British rose scrub is by far the most moisturizing. It leaves the skin smooth and supple!

The other products in the line are also worth checking out too! We know, the products are not cheap, but This body scrub, I highly highly recommend!



 (Go, grab your wallet and just BUY IT!)

5. Mamonde Rose Water Skincare Range

I’m absolutely sure most of you girls out there have heard of this product and probably owns it too. THE Mamonde rose water toner that is so hyped over the internet as well as the K-beauty circle. I will spare you girls the reviews because I’m pretty sure you girls have seen enough of this product but what I will share is that Mamonde is finally coming to Singapore! They have officially launched their E-store on Lazada! Now you girls can get the products much faster and hassle free! #dontsaywebojio 😉



(Affordable, nice scented decent skincare products, why not?)

The next 3 products are cosmetics that the package design took the form of roses.

6. Milani Rose Powder Blush

The affordable US drugstore brand Milani Cosmetics have introduced a series of blushes that are shaped with a rose pattern and they are too hard to resist! Adding on to that is that even though Milani is a drugstore brand, the formula is really good and is highly raved by beauty cults all over the world! They have many shades that complements all skin tones and are super affordable, the only catch is that it is not available in Singapore 😦



(When there’s a will, there’s a way – Buy through international forwarding services or Ezbuy/Airfrov!)

7. Lancôme La Rôse Blush Poudrer – Rose Highlighter Powder


The rose petal blush by Laduree had taken over the internet as well as created hype among many beauty cults over the years and particularly, last year. This year, another makeup product having the same concept is the Lancôme highlighter powder where the highlighting powder is embedded on the rose petals! According to the official website, “the packaging is inspired by 50’s French Bijou box (traditionally meant to house loose powders), and is a radiant smoothing powder that gives a similar color and shimmer effect” that suits 2017 spring makeup trend. I haven’t bought it and I don’t think I will ever buy it. After watching a few reviews, I feel that its highlighting power like meh 🙄. Maybe Lancôme has purposely made it to have natural strobing effect but isn’t it supposed to be HIGHLIGHTER?? I really don’t know about this 😂



 (Wayyyyyy too expensive 😂)

8. 3CE Pot Lip

219184_shop1_679828The new release of lip products by 3CE known as Pot Lips has caught our eyes because of its beautiful rose packaging. The photos on the 3CE website shows a really pigmented colour pay off and also advertise the products as “ultra glossy, deep moisturizing, natural rosy glow to dry and chapped lips”. This is really interesting as 3CE is known for their pigmented lip products with beautiful colours and but having really drying formula 👉🏻 👈🏻  The photos almost looked unreal as it is difficult to imagine tinted lip balms having such deep pigmentation as the Brick Red swatch. We have placed an order on the products so look out for the product review!



(It burns, see how we have already placed the order? But it is super cheap and affordable, so a 4 flare for you!)


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