Battle of the cotton pads!

Cotton pads are essential items to all skincare routine. We use them for cleansing and removing makeup, we use them to apply toner and for some, use as facial masks. I personally used up a lot of different kinds of cotton pads, from the Guardian branded cotton pads to the famous Japanese Silcot sponge pads. Out of all of them there are a few that I really like and some which I wouldn’t want to repurchase.

  • 1. Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum Cotton Pad


(Image from thewanderlusterproject)

I used this about 2 years ago when I bought the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum from Skinfood. They gifted the cotton pad to be used with the serum. As you girls can see, the cotton pads are really thick and consists of many layers. The cotton layers are “stapled” at the edges. The top surfaces are two different textured sheets – one is really smooth and the other is a sort of perforated sheet.


(Image from Beautyandthecat)

One thing about this is that the cotton pads are way too thick and they absorbs too much of the product when you use them. I had to separate the cotton pads in like 3-4 thinner layers in order to make full use of the cotton pads. Separating them is not an easy task as they are “stapled” quite securely, this results in me deforming the cotton pads and end up tearing them instead. Furthermore, when you separate them, the inner layers are plain cotton, unlike the top surfaces where there is sort of a tension sheet which resists a bit of friction when you rub into your skin. When I use the inner layers to remove my makeup and I rub into my skin, the cotton just clumps up or break apart. The outer sheets however were really useful when I remove my makeup using them. This is especially for the side which is perforated, it is meant to act as a physical exfoliate to the skin.

As I used this product really long ago, I do not have any images of it left so I had to grab them from the internet, sorry about that!

  • 2. Silcot Velvety Touch Cotton


The Silcot velvety touch cotton puffs are really puffy. The cotton are wrapped within a little pocket and the sides of the cotton puffs are stitched. The surface of the cotton puffs are really really smooth and gentle on the skin. The cotton puffs absorbs really well and do not suck up all the product like the Skinfood one does. It is perfect for removing of makeup.

  • 3. Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton


I am pretty sure many ladies would know this cotton sponge by the same brand Silcot. I was so delighted when I saw them selling in Singapore and they are quite cheap as well! I think I bought them in Guardian or a supermarket, I can’t remember well, but I remember they had sale and was really affordable.

The Silcot sponge touch moisturizing cotton is probably the best designed sponge-type cotton pads. The curvature is carefully refined to fit the ergonomics of the face and therefore this sponge cotton pad is really the best for when you like to do a mini masking session using your toner or lotion. The curves fit well under the eyes, under the mouth as well as above and in between your eyebrows.

  • 4. Lalune Cotton Puffs


Lalune is a Taiwan brand sponge-type cotton pad brand. They are know for their super cheap price with large number of product. (NT99 for 3 packets of 180 cotton pads) Similar to the Silcot sponge touch moisturizing cotton, 1 piece of cotton sponge can be used 2 times when you break them apart. However for the Silcot one, there’s a pre-existing grooves which makes the breaking apart of the cotton sponge much easier. For the Lalune one, I’ll have to fold the cotton sponge on the long side to tear it, and it doesn’t look as nice.

The Lalune cotton sponge is really thin, almost half the thickness of the Silcot one. That being said, it in unable to absorb more products and evaporate much faster. The thin cotton sponge also makes it a little harder to use as it do not withstand friction as well as other thicker cotton pads. When I tried to remove my makeup using the cotton sponge, the cotton sponge would crumple and roll up together when i rub on my skin and at the same time spew out tons of water (cleansing water) everywhere. It is not recommended to use these kind of sponge-type cotton pads for makeup removal.

  • Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad


Sponge Pad

The sponge pad is very similar to the Silcot sponge touch moisturizing cotton, except that it is a little thicker and the surface texture is just a little bit less smooth. Due to it being a little bit more thicker, it absorbs more products as well and lasts longer on the skin when using the cotton sponge for a face pack. I still prefer the Silcot cotton sponge to the Klairs one for doing a face pack as the Klairs cotton sponge tends to hold on the the product more compared to the Silcot one. I feel that more product is absorbed into the skin when I use the Silcot cotton sponge.

Compressed Cotton Pad

Like what the name of the cotton pad says, it is a really compressed and solid piece of cotton pad. The surface of the cotton pad is quite rough and is said to aid in the exfoliating process. Initially, I used this cotton pad along with the Cosrx AHA Whitehead Liquid on spots of my skin where there are a lot of bumps. It turns out to be too rough and combining with the AHA liquid, it actually hurts my sensitive skin. (Please don’t try this at home!!) Also, it also use up a lot more product. I had to use a lot of pumps to wet the entire cotton (which I don’t because it will use up too many products) and the cotton itself will absorb the liquid instead of transferring to the skin when you are rubbing it. I personally don’t think it is such a great product, even if you do not have sensitive skin, I think the texture is still too rough.

I created a video to let you all see how the cotton pads fair, do check it out below~


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