March Colourpop Haul!

Hello lovelies~ We are back again to add oil to your burning wallets with our recent Colourpop Haul!

Both of us got different stuff, Annie mainly bought eyeshadows and Sam had a mixture of both eyes and lip makeup products. And my my, we do have a lot to say about the products so let’s get ready for our BYW reviews~

Annie’s Haul

Sam’s Haul


Super Shock Shadows: Weenie, WattlesCat Nap and Mama’s Apple Pie Quad

We’ve all heard so many great reviews of the super shock shadows, and they really did not disappoint. In fact they performed way out of expectations! The formula is just sooooo creamy and pigmented. The photos that I took do not do justice to how beautiful the eyeshadows are!

Weenie is a straight out rose gold shimmer shadow that is perfect for any romantic look.

Wattles is a more low-key pinky brown that is perfect for as a transition shadow. It is actually not matte but has a light sheen over it.

Cat Nap is a glittery pinky copper shade. It has a different formula, instead of a shimmer shadow like Weenie, it is more of a glittery shadow. This eyeshadow is perfect to put right in the middle of the eye for that extra shine.

Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Quad: Rainbow, Small Gift, Friendship File, School Bus


Rainbow is a sheer finish white color with highlights of micro silver glitter. It works best to be layered with other shades of eyeshadow or to accentuate the middle or inner conner of your eye. As the glitter is not chunky and it has sheer finish, it is quite buildable without many fall out.

Small Gift is a pearlized warm coral shade that is suitable for every day look. I like this color the most out of these 4! That’s because even though coral shade eyeshadow can be easily found in other brands, theirs are not so pigmented.

Friendship File is a warm undertone peachy shade with shimmering, metallic finish. It can be applied smoothly.

School bus is a pearlized navy blue shade. This shade is not as buttery as the other 3. When swatch on hand, it is a bit uneven and hard to blend out. It can be used as outer liner or smokey eye makeup at the outer corner. School bus also goes well with Rainbow.

Pressed Powder Shadow: Hi-Maintenance Palette

V-day 2017 Metallic Pressed Powder: Pinky Promise


The Hi-Maintenance Palette colours are really beautiful. The metallic pressed powder shadows are really beautiful. They go on really smooth and pigmented. However the matte pressed powder shadows have a little bit of problem. Firstly, the powder is actually quite patchy. When I swatched on my hands, it comes off really uneven. Instead of a smooth swatch, the powder actually clumps together then break off. I need to run a few times for the clumps to separate and stick on my skin. The eyeshadow is not as pigmented as well, the swatches in the photo was done after picking up the product 2-3 times.

Initially I thought it probably was because I did not swatch properly or I did not pick up the product properly from the pan. However the same thing happened for both the matte pressed powder eyeshadows. Perhaps picking up the product lightly with an eyeshadow brush could be a better way to use these eyeshadows.

Pinky Promise is a super beautiful metallic pressed powder. The powder has more fall out compared to super shock shadow. I also need to pick up the product few more times to get a more pigmented colour. Nonetheless, this colour will look gorgeous in the crease.

Hello Kitty Creme Lippie Stix: Konnichiwa & Colourpop x Alexis Ren Blotted Lips: Lexi


Konnichiwa is a bright medium tone pink with creme finish. It goes on my lips smoothly and looks natural. It is quite hydrating and not too tacky.

Lexi is the blotted lip series in Colourpop x Alexis Ren collection. It is a cool undertone red with sheer finish. The 2nd photo shows me with just 1 swipe. It looks super natural! If you are too lazy to put on makeup but don’t want to look washed out, Lexi is the lipstick to go. Because it gives you better complexion even without makeup. Yes MLBB! 3rd photo shows me with multiple swipes. This blotted lip can be build up to a really cool-toned red because of its sheer finish. However, I find it a bit hard to apply nicely to the lips edges. I like the formula, it doesn’t dry my lips like matte lipstick usually does. Also, I find it hard to apply Lexi with lip balm, but I think lip balm is not really necessary for this lipstick. Lexi also doesn’t transfer as much as Konnichiwa.


Left: Konnichiwa; Right: Lexi

Overall, I really like this blotted lip series so much that I might also get Deja Vu and Exotic in the future 😉

** 10 June update on Lexi blotted lips: the packaging is so flimsy that my Lexi broke 😭 The whole content just broke and dropped on the floor when I opened the lipstick 😢😢


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