Budget Korean Brand Lipstick Dupes

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Lipstick is one of the essential products that complete our makeup look. Different shades of lipsticks bring out different feeling at different occasions as well. So, how is it possible to have just 1 lipstick??!!

Expensive lipsticks sure have amazing quality, but, for those with budget, it is impossible to purchase all those pricey lipsticks. With the recent rave of k-beauty, many Korean brands offer budget lipsticks with good quality that are friendlier to our wallet!

So here is a list of cheaper dupes that save you money. Think of the extra lipsticks you can buy now 😉

🌹 Rosy Brown Hue

💄 YSL #407 / A’pieu #RD03 / Tonymoly #SPK05

  1. YSL #407 Carmin Session – S$51

    2. A’pieu Water Light Tint #RD03 – S$13~20


3. Tonymoly Kiss Lover Style #SPK05 – S$11

YSL #407 is a beautiful rosy brown shade lip cream stain. It is soooo highly raved everywhere that even we have money, we still can’t get it because it is out of stock in Singapore now. A’pieu Water Light Tint #RD03 and Tonymoly Kiss Lover Style Satin #PK05 are alternative choices that you can consider. You can get them in Qoo10 for not over $20!

🌹 Coral Hue

💄 YSL #12 / Tonymoly #SRD03

  1. YSL #12 Corail Incandescent – S$51

  2. Tonymoly Kiss Lover Style #SRD03 – S$11

    YSL #12 is a satin coral shade that gives radiance to your complexion. Again, you can get a cheaper dupe at Tonymoly in Qoo10 for less than $15!

    🌹 Brick Orangey Red Hue

    💄 MAC Chili / Tonymoly #MRD03 / Missha #MRD02 / Mamonde #45

    1. MAC Chili – S$33+

    2. Tonymoly Kiss Lover Style #MRD03 Red Chili – S$11

    3. Missha M Matte Lip Rouge #MRD02 – S$17


    Left: Missha MRD02; Right: MAC Chili

    4. Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm #45 Red Pepper – S$12


    Speaking of lipstick dupes, how can we miss out MAC Chili? For this iconic product of MAC cosmetics, you can find a lot of different dupes in other brands, including Korean brands. You can get cheaper dupes for not over $20 at Tonymoly, Missha and Mamonde.

    🌹 Brown Hue

    💄 Pony Effect #On Fleek / A’pieu #BR01

    1. Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color #On Fleek – S$27



    2. A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid #BR01 Toffe Nut – S$16


    Screenshot 2017-03-12 15.14.20

    Youtube: ggemo 깨모

    A’pieu Color Lip Stain [Matte Fluid] is their latest release in March 2017. This series consists of velvet tint, matte fluid, and gel tint. Each color is supposed to complete your perfect spring makeup. You can get them in Qoo10 for not over $16. If you are interested in knowing about this release more, you can check out a full swatch video by Korean Youtubers lamuqe and  ggemo 깨모.


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