Highly Raved K-Indie Beauty Brands that You Wished You Had Known

Let’s face it, Korea IS the ultimate place to go for all beauty junkies, from roadshop brands like Innisfree and Etude House to expensive luxury brands like Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo, Korea is really the paradise to pamper all your skin needs.

However, besides these well known brands that have received worldwide recognition, there are also tons of independant beauty brands in Korea that share their own fanbase. We list out 5 brands that range from clinical to green and cruelty-free. Each of these individual brands have their own specialty and ideals, they are all super amazing but some are really difficult to get in Singapore! ㅠ.ㅠ

Saturday Skin

Don’t let the pretty packaging fool you with Saturday Skin, not only do they look beautiful, they will make YOU look beautiful as well. Saturday Skin is a line of products created by the scientists from the famous wellness clinic CHAUM in Korea. The products contain a special formula developed by CHAUM named the Cha-7 es complex™. The formula aims to extend the “Golden Phase”, which is phase when the internal processes within the body  result in a period of external radiance, vitality and youth in the skin. (Source: Peach&Lily)

Keep your complexion as fresh as a rose with #freezeframe and #wideawake!

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Now this is just what you need for a proper spa day! 💆 #regram @takegoodcare.ca

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Aromatica is known for their safe, organic and eco friendly products. All products are ECOCERT certified and is the only Korean brand to have won a EWG’s Skindeep Champion Status. They have a whole range of products from skincare, hair care, body care, baby products as well as aromatherapy products.


If you follow a lot of K-Beauty Youtube Channel, you might have heard of this brand from famous K-Beauty Youtubers like Joan Kim and Edward Avila. Troiareuke along with Troipeel and KM Han are cosmetic and skincare lines under the company MK Universal. The products are known for tackling acne prone skins and acne issues. For example the Troipeel H+ Cushion and the Troiareuke A+ Cushion are BB Cushion that has 99% ingredients that are skincare and only 1% makeup. You can even sleep with it!


THANK YOU FARMER uses natural and cruelty-free ingredients in their products which aims to help the skin restore its natural strength and slow down the aging of the cells. They pledge to make the skin more beautiful in the most natural way without burdening the skin. They are actually widely sold and readily available in the US drugstore like Ulta and have gained many recognition worldwide.

Pyunkang Yul

Pyunkang Yul is an oriental medicinal skincare line. Their brand aims to create a balanced skin by staying in-tuned with the ever-changing needs of the skin. They care for the holistic well being of the skin by balancing the right amount of water and oil in the skin, using traditional eastern medicinal ingredients. (Source: Ohlolly)

⭐️편강율로 미세먼지 막고 득템하자! ⭐️성분 착한 #편강율 샴푸 득템하는 방법 . 요즘 저희를 가장 괴롭히는 것은 바로 미세먼지가 아닐까요 ? 😭😭 . 이럴때일수록 가장 중요한 데.일.리. 피부관리💦👍 그래서 편강율이 준비했습니다 !😍 . 1. 제품 구매갯수만큼 황사마스크 증정❗️ 2. 3만원 이상 구매시 100ml 상당의 클렌져 샘플 파우치 증정❗️ 3. 5만원 이상 구매시 성분 좋은 편강율 샴푸 500ml 100% 무료 증정❗️ . 우리 두피도 미세먼지로 힘들어하기 때문에, 샴푸 득템찬스는 꼭 가져가셨으면 좋겠어요 💙 . ▶#가습기살균제성분 없는 샴푸 ▶천연 계면 활성제 사용 ▶트리트먼트 필요 없는 샴푸 . . 득템 찬스 친구들과 함께 공유해주세요 🙌🙋🏻 . #뒤집어진피부 를 위한 화장품. 역시 #뒤집어진피부엔편강율 . . #편강율화장품 #온가족화장품 #파란병 #휴식 #비움 #스킨케어 #민감성 #아토피 #코스메틱 #직장인 #출근 #퇴근 #맞팔 #소통 #팔로우 #일상 #데일리 #daily #화장품추천 #이벤트

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What do you think about Korean indie beauty brands? Are your hearts fluttering like we did? I wished I could get hold of some of these products but they are either difficult to get and cost extra expensive or not available to Singapore at all 😦
Would you like more of these kind of posts that discover indie brands, be it from Korea or US or even Singapore? Comment below or at our social media pages! We’ll search high and low to find out about these brands and maybe, when we get the chance, we’ll try out these products and review them!

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