3CE Pot Lip Review


At long last, the 3CE Pot Lip Tinted Lip Balms review! I waited for these babies to arrive for about a month due to production issues from 3CE’s side. I think there were limited stocks and they all sold out super quickly, thanks to my super quick reflex action (on clicking the buy button), I’m super glad I got my hands on them!



The Pot Lips are all actually tinted lip balms. They are oil based and have a glossy texture. Each Pot Lip carries only 0.7g of products, which is relatively small sized. However due to the formula of the lip balms, if you are just looking to moisturize and bring a little colour to your lips, a little goes a long way for the product. If you want more pigment, the product is buildable, however you must bear in mind that due to their oil based formula, it is very runny when you are applying the product on your lips.

The #Mint Care pot lip is just a colourless lip balm. It has a different texture compared to the other tinted lip balms. It is more of a solid form, so you don’t get that many products which each swipe. The balm has a minty formula which is really soothing for the lips though I must say that it isn’t super moisturizing. If you are looking for a moisturizing lip balm I suggest you can give this a pass. However, I think it works perfectly when you layer it before you apply the tinted lip balms ❤

PVWF1965As you can see from the swatch above, the Pot Lips are not very pigmented. I have to go over 3-4 times to achieve the pigmentation level. #Brick red is a deep, warm tone red while #Red has more of a pink tone. The #Tinted Pink colour is super sheer, almost nothing can be seen from the first swatch. #Coral is a very cute straight orangey pink tone.

The Pot Lips are designed in such a way that the tip of the finger fits perfectly on the balm. Swirl a few times and apply directly to your lips. The runny texture makes it easy for you to spread across the lips, achieving an even application. However, it is VERY easy to get off the grid while applying with your fingers. In addition, as these pot lips are tints, the more pigmented colours like #Red and #Brick Red could stain the skin if you are not careful. I had to wipe off with a cleansing sheet when I accidentally applied outside of my lips.

It is a little bit tricky if you want to build up the colour. Firstly, wait for a few seconds, but not too long when applying the second layer. The runny texture will result in the first layer to move if you apply the second layer too quickly. It actually take me around 6-8 times before I got my desired colour when applying #Brick Red so the colours aren’t as pigmented as I thought they would be. (Certainly not like the photos seen on the 3CE website!! Like how do you even!?!)


(Source: Stylenanda)

The products do transfer. After application I had a few sips from the straw of my drink, undeniably it stained my straw 😦 After I checked my lips, the colour faded. It was still acceptable for me as it did not fade in an ugly way and not patchy either. ALTHOUGH, you could see that the product did sink and deposit into my lip lines. After I reapplied, it was not obvious anymore so it did not bother me.

The above picture is #Brick Red!! Look at the difference in colour pigmentation compared to the 3CE photos. I really wonder how many layers do they apply with it….


The best I could do was this above image. Instead of taking one swirl of the tinted balm and spreading and blending across the lips, I took multiple swirls and merely patted on top of my lips part by part. The results did not turn out too bad either, the image was already my 3rd application: 1st application – drink – 2nd application – eat my breakfast – apply again. Although the product do sink into the lip lines, it is only obvious in a close up shot like this while in person, it would not be that obvious.


The shades #Brick Red and #Red which are more pigmented leaves a slight tint after I wipe away the swatches with my Son and Park Cleansing Water. Overall I really enjoy the product, as a person who has really dry and pale lips, the 3CE Pot Lips are the perfect everyday, lazy girl lip product! They are tinted so you don’t have to reapply too many times, they are super moisturizing and brightens up the complexion!




(These Pot Lips matches every skin tone so I suggest you get ALL of them <3)


2 thoughts on “3CE Pot Lip Review

  1. Camille Gan says:

    I’ve been eyeing these too! do they taste like anything? A lot of the korean lip products i’ve bough have a really bitter chemical spill taste ://


    • Annie Wu says:

      Hmmm I don’t recall tasting anything! It’s an oil type tint so the product absorbs into the lips quite fast. When I drank water, there isn’t any product left lying on my lips so I did not taste anything! I believe it should be safe!


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