Beauty Tips for Concerts!


(Source: ST Photo)

This weekend in Singapore was blasting with the all-amazing, Coldplay Concert! As a die hard Coldplay fan, I was really extremely lucky to be able to get my hands on the mosh pit ticket. (aka Standing Pen A) While I was squeezing with all the other people at the standing pen, I was so glad that I brought a face mist to the concert. Not only does a face mist hydrate the skin after the long arduous queuing ( I reached the stadium at 12pm, the door opens at 6.30, my my), the face mist also acts as a super great way to cool down! From that, I came up the idea of this post – beauty tips for concerts!

Face Mist

The number #1 item must be a face mist! Replenish the water in the skin from all the sweating under the hot tropical Singapore weather, and sweltering heat from all the squeezing people in the standing pen.


Caudalie Grape Water @ Sephora

This is the one I used! Very moisturizing for the skin and the mini version fits right into my small bag!


Evian Mineral Water Spray

I used to love this face mist so much and Watsons or Guardian used to carry this product, but somehow they were gone and I can hardly find them now 😦 The Evian Spray is definitely a good, budget moisturizing face mist!


Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist @ Jurlique

Balance the skin condition, stay hydrated and what’s more? SMELL SUPER NICE with this Rosewater Mist by Jurlique!

Avoid Pony Tails

Instead, opt for these great hairstyles! You’ll want to look good, stay cool and be considerate as the last thing anybody wants is to have hair smack onto your face while you’re jumping to the beats in the mosh pit!!


French Braid @ Pinterest

Easy French Braid to keep the hair down and also adds a little style to your concert #OOTD!


Double Braid @ Pinterest

Or even double braids! So chic!


Low bun @ Pinterest

Paired with a Concert cap, you’re good to go! Make sure you secure the bun tightly!

All things Waterproof/Smudgeproof!

Though I recommend to NOT put makeup for concerts (makes everything easier), but I know we want to take lovely photos during the concert and you still want to look fabulous. So this goes without saying: make sure ALL your makeup you use is waterproof and smudge proof! The last thing you want from an after concert selfie is smudge liners, lipstick, mascara and melting foundation!!


Heroine Make Kiss Me Waterproof Mascara @ Watsons

Proven by many, the holy grail budge-proof mascara!!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner @ Sephora

Keeps your winged liners on point throughout the concert!


Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation @ Sephora

The highly raved super long lasting foundation!! Do use a light hand while applying as the formula is super thick to lock your make up in place!

Lip Tints/Lip Stains/Liquid Lipsticks

Lazy girl trick – apply once and never have to reapply again using these lip products!


Peripera Lip Ink @ Peripera

Peripera’s Lip tints and Lip Inks are really famous for being super long lasting! I know some Watsons carry the brand but I’m not too sure if they still have them! Well, we still have to rely on!


Sephora Cream Lip Stain @ Sephora

These lip stains by Sephora do NOT budge and are super creamy! There are a lot of colours to choose from and are definitely a good choice!


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip (Wild Nothing) @ Colourpop

Transfer proof, long wearing and super budget friendly liquid lipsticks from Colourpop is definitely top of the list!

Wet Wipes/Cleansing Sheets

Most convenient item to bring for a concert are these cleansing sheets! You can use them to remove the dirt and grime before, after or even during the concert, wipe your body to cool down and maybe even your phone! (Because we know, you’ve been filming/instagramming every single songs during the concert – okay, at least I did XD)


Garnier Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes @ Watsons

One of the very little wet wipes/cleansing sheets that do not have alcohol top in the ingredient list (Yes, you would be surprise, most wet wipes have alcohol as their second main ingredient)! You won’t want to dry up your skin!


Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes @ Watsons

Simple Skincare is known to be really gentle to the skin, and the formula of this cleansing sheet has no harsh chemical, artificial perfume and is also alcohol free!


Biore Sara Sara Body Powder Sheets @ Watsons

These body powder sheets removes all the sweat and odour leaving a smooth finish as though you just powdered your skin! Do note that this product is for the body and do not use it for the face! (Alcohol is the 2nd ingredient here!)

So here are some beauty tips for concert goers, hope this would be useful for your next event! I totally enjoyed the Coldplay concert and I really cannot get enough of them, totally suffering from Post-Coldplay-Syndrome now T_T

Header Image From Straits Times


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