Japanese Cosmetic Brands That We Should Have in Singapore

Japanese cosmetics and skincare have been around for very long and it is not doubt to say that they have a huge impact in the industry. However as K-beauty rise to popularity over the past few years, Japanese brands seems to have lost its edge in the market. Not too long ago, the brand Ettusais have announced their withdrawal from Singapore. There were also few brands like Ipsa and Paul & Joe that was once present in Singapore too. I believe the main reason for them to lose competition to K-beauty is the pricing. Japanese brands that are available in Singapore are mostly more high ends as compared to the roadshop k-beauty brands like Etude House, Innisfree, The Face Shop etc.

Japanese brands, like K-beauty brands are suitable for Asian skins and have amazing quality, there are some brands that really deserves more recognition and I wish we could have them in Singapore, so here is my top 7 high end and drugstore Japanese cosmetic brands that I wished we have in Singapore:

High End

Three Cosmetics

Three Cosmetics is pretty famous for their skincare range, particularly their cleansing oil. It is a cult favourite of many people. Their makeup range do not lose out too! Their blushes and lip products are also really popular.


Suqqu is famous for their beautiful makeup range, one of the most popular item is the beautiful ombre blush. Their foundation, lipsticks and eyeshadows are also of high quality and are loved by many. Personally I am totally mesmerised by their newest Spring eyeshadow palette!


Addiction is a makeup brand founded by MUA Ayako. The brand is about enhancing the natural features and draw out the natural beauty. Items like the cheek products, eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes are their bestsellers. They are also famous for their interesting packaging for the blushes – check out their cheek polish and cheek stick, they are actually blushes but in the packaging of a lipstick and nail polish!

🌸 Flower Evolution 🌸

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Flower Mosaic Spring 2017

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I have to catch up !!!! Flower Evolution 2017

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Visee is an affordable drugstore brand under the Kose company. They make affordable but good quality lip, cheek and eye makeup. Their cream cheek blush and lipsticks have received huge popularity. Frequently, they will collaborate with Japanese celebrities to create new products and these products are usually highly sought after.

💗小さいけど使えると話題!Visee AVANTで春色アイメイク🌸✨ . 女子力上げるなら季節の変化に合わせたメイクチェンジは鉄則。 春色アイメイクで目元も気分もフレッシュに! 明るい色と暗い色を組みあわせることで、 お互いの色が引き立て合い、より華やかな目元を演出してくれます。 お気に入りの組み合わせを見つけてみて♪ . 【使用商品】Visee AVANT シングルアイカラー ・Visee AVANT(004/006/018) ・Visee AVANT(007/010/013) ・Visee AVANT(008/009/017) . モデルクリッパー:春留奈 . 👏様々なTipsを集めた @cchannel_girls も♡ 😊素敵な動画は #cchannel で教えてください♪ ⛄️アプリC CHANNELもよろしくお願いします 全動画がサクサク見られて、自分のマイリストが作れます♪「シーチャンネル」で検索してみてください . #かわいい#可愛い#メイク#化粧#Visee#ViseeAVANT#アイカラー#メイクテク#アイメイク#キレイ#女子#女子力#イベント#塗り方#カワイイ#モテ#モテる#恋愛#男ウケ#彼ウケ#女の子#可愛くなりたい#あざとい#化粧品#コスメ#今日のメイク#読モ#モデル#美容

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Cezanne is another drugstore brand with really low price but surprises everyone with their good quality formula of the products. They are famous for their various cheek products which are really pigmented and have beautiful colours. Despite the low price, it does not compromise the product quality in any sort.


Flowfushi is a brand which focuses on the quality of the product and is also a relatively newer brand. They have minimal products and each of the products are all superbly engineered. They are widely known for their eyeliner and mascara – Moteliner and Motemascara. I personally adore their eyeliner and is currently my holy grail eyeliner. They formulated the eyeliner using Japanese brush tip instead of the normal felt tips in liquid mascaras, for more information of the eyeliner, do keep a look out for an upcoming review of their eyeliner!

. 【9/1 Debut!!】 2016年秋からファッショントレンドを反映したメイクを提案する「FLOWFUSHI Collection」がSTART!!! . その第1弾として、No.1マスカラに君臨する「モテマスカラ」から、2016限定のコレクションモデル「モテマスカラ2016」を9月1日より新発売。 . . フェザーカールを、手に入れろ。 FLOWFUSHI Collection「MOTEMASCARA 2016」 . お湯オフなのに!? ボリューム×ロング×カールをたった1本で実現し、存在感があるのにしなやかに目尻まで扇状にフワッと広がる“フェザーカール”を叶えます。 . . 今しか買えない、数量限定「モテマスカラ2016」。 この秋は、フェザーカールを、手に入れろ。 . 特設サイト⇒http://flowfushi.com/mm2016/ . #モテマスカラ2016 #モテマスカラ #MOTEMASCARA #フローフシ #FLOWFUSHI #限定 #マスカラ #FFCollection

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【NEWS】 大好評エリアファンディに続き, 遂に、唯一の日本製クッションファンデーション『イオンデクッション®︎』が4月5日に新発売! ウルトラCAREする、クッションファンディ! 「イオン デ クッション®」 素肌のエイジングCAREはもちろん、外的環境ストレスからもプロテクトCAREする次世代クッションファンデ。 塗布するだけで、花粉・PM2.5をブロック! さらに、UVはもちろん、色素沈着の原因にもなるブルーライトをカットし、“スマホ焼け”からも肌をプロテクトします。 先端科学テクノロジー搭載のティアドロップ型パフ「Paffit(パフィット)」を採用し、プロフェッショナルな仕上がりが誰でもカンタンに再現できます。 日本国内の生産にこだわり、日本人好みの“素肌そのものが美しくなったような明るいツヤ肌を”を叶えます。 しかも!クッションファンデーション史上、世界最大容量のたっぷり20g。 この春誕生する、唯一の日本製クッションファンデ、ぜひご期待ください☆ 特設サイト⇒http://flowfushi.com/ic/ #クッションファンデ #フローフシ #cushionfoundation #花粉 #PM2.5 #ブルーライトカット #エイジングケア #プロテクション

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Sugao is a makeup brand under the Rohto Pharmaceutical Company in Japan. They are well known for their Souffle CC cream products which claims to be really soft and gentle on the skin. They also subsequently released other items such as the Souffle Cream Cheek Blush products. Recently they released a new base makeup product known as DD cream which has high spf and brightens up the skin tone.

( '•Ꙫ• ' ) #SUGAO

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There are of course many many more Japanese cosmetic and skincare brands that are unavailable to us in Singapore and these 7 brands only scratches the surface of the Japanese beauty industry.  However I hope to create more awareness of the Japanese beauty industry in Singapore as there many products that are really good and it is a real pity that we know so little of them and even if we do, we are unable to get our hands on them 😦


Header Image From Fujisankei Melodee’s Blog


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