Awesome Beauty Products From Taobao That Every Girl Should Buy

Good day everyone! As a senior Taobao Fan, I want to introduce you guys the awesome beauty products I found on Taobao that is worth every penny and potentially be changing your life 😉

I think most of us have the impression that Taobao stuff are cheap and have lower quality, a lot of the products are actually fake or are replicas. However there are some products that are really good quality or are super useful!

#1 Makeup Brushes

Surprise surprise! Besides the cheap but not so good quality huge brush set collections you see quite often, there are some shops that sells quality brushes that do not fail in comparison with the famous big brands, some I’d say, perform even better!


Makeup Brushes by Shoushoulang

These makeup brushes by the shop Shoushoulang on Taobao are really a steal! They have both high end and low end brushes and all of them are super high quality! The brushes I have bought from the range above are the lower end ones, each brush cost about SGD$1.50 to $5+! With these kind of prices, I did not expect the quality of the brushes to be so good!


The bristles are super soft and there were absolutely no fall outs! The brushes that I have bought are synthetic but they also offer higher end brushes using animal hair.

#2 Makeup Sponge Holder

What is worst than your favourite beauty blender turning mouldy due to it being poorly stored? These makeup sponge holder are a life changer for you if you are a fan of using makeup sponges!


Makeup Sponge Holder by Beauty Artisan

Not only are they super cute to display on your vanity, they are super useful and effective at keeping your makeup sponges dry 😀

(Source: 苏菲乐购吉祥A商店)


Doesn’t these chicken feet just look super adorable? XD

#3 Makeup Brush Drying Rack

Why buy the 29USD Sigma Brush Holder when you can get a 28RMB Brush Drying Rack from Taobao which does basically the same thing!


Round Pink Brush Drying Rack from 尚洋化妆品专营店


Rectangular Black Brush Drying Rack from 尚洋化妆品专营店

There are TONS of different shops selling these brush drying racks in all sorts of different colours, shapes and sizes! These racks can also be diassembled easily for storage!

#4 Makeup Mixing Palette

If you are a makeup guru, you might really need this! Glamlifefuru Tati, one of the most famous beauty youtuber uses a glass palette to mix her foundations and all her makeup products. A lot of times the foundation shades available do not match our skin shade entirely, or that the foundation is too dry/too dewy, you would want to mix in other products to have a fully customized foundation. A glass palette would be useful to have in these kind of situation as not only does a glass palette looks sleek, they are hygienic and easy to clean! There are also stainless steel palettes to choose from too!


Glass Mixing Palette by 凡木玻璃


Stainless Steel Mixing Palette by 雅致女馆

#5 Z Palette

Z Palette are essentially a palette which is empty and has a magnetic board. It is useful for those who want to customize your own palettes. Most makeup items have a metal base so you can easily depot them out of their original packaging and rearrange them in a Z Palette to have a fully self customized makeup palette. This product is super useful if you are travelling and do not wish to bring too many products and have them in separate containers.

The original Z palette would cost USD14 for a small one and USD20 for a large one, the ones in Taobao however, costs only 25RMB! What a bargain!


Pink Z Palette by 伊媚而时尚店


Black Z Palette by 伊媚儿时尚店

#6 Makeup Storage

Last but definitely not the least, makeup storage units! We often see the beautiful makeup stash of many beauty Youtubers and bloggers, those acrylic boxes with various sized drawers and compartments are the best way you can use to display your prized makeup collections! Taobao is definitely the best place to get them!

Besides the regular old clear acrylic storage, there are also special ones in Taobao that will satisfy any girl’s inner princess dream ;D


Vintage Acrylic Storage Unit by 浅夏私房营


Vintage Acrylic Makeup Brush Storage by 浅夏私房营

So that is all for the beauty products that all girls should have! Hope you enjoyed the post and hurry up prepare your wallet and buy them all!



Header Image From 浅夏私房营


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