K-beauty Products We Regretted Buying Part 2

Hello beauties! We are back with our long waited, 2nd part of the K-beauty products that we regretted buying. We will list out 5 makeup items that we think don’t worth our money so you can save your burning wallets! 😀

*Annie’s skintype: dry and sensitive
*Sam’s skintype: combination, oily at T-zone

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar (First Gen)

Laneige Two Tone Collection

Laneige Two Tone Collection


Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Juicy Pop

The first item is the highly-raved Two Tone Lip Bar from Laneige! Since “Descendants of the Sun” was aired, the Song Hye Kyo’s look (from makeup, jewellery, clothes) had been highly pursued, and Sam purchased this Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar #11 Juicy Pop.

Because of the diagonal line instead of the ‘V’ line in newer release, it makes the lip bar hard to be applied on lips. You have to twist your hand in a very weird angle to achieve a nice ombre look. Secondly, the demarcation line between the yellow and coral is obvious, so you have to dab on your lips to make it look more natural. It is okay that multiple retouches are required throughout the days but I was disappointed that it is not moisturizing. You will only feel moisturizing when you apply the lipstick, but after a few hours, it will dry out your lips.

*Note: Your lips need to be in good condition when applying this lipstick. Need to apply foundation on lips to achieve a more obvious ombre look.

Laneige BB Cushion

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Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

I think the BB cushions by Laneige is not unfamiliar to many of you, am I right? In fact they are one of the first few brands that came out with the concept of BB cushion (Amore Pacific invented the BB cushion). When I first went to Korea, I had to get one because of all the hype!

However both of us have both purchased the BB cushion and both of us are disappointed. This BB cushion has low coverage and requires multiple layers or the aid of concealer to achieve decent coverage. It doesn’t really layer well either if you don’t have a good skin base. Although this BB cushion is supposed to control your pores, we notice that this foundation doesn’t help to cover your pore because of the low coverage. The finishing of this foundation is dewy, thus in Singapore weather, the oil of your face will make the foundation melt and become cakey in the afternoon. For Sam’s combination skin, especially the nose, T-zone and chin. Also, this BB cushion definitely accentuates dry patches on skin. 😢 I think this BB cushion only suits those with perfect skin. *CRY*

Etude House Big Cover Concealer BB


There was this time where I really liked to go to Etude House to take a look at what they are selling and the new releases. So when the Big Cover line up released, I wanted to get myself a few of those cushion-pen-typed concealers/spot correctors to try them out myself. I bought this mainly due to the persuasion of the etude house staff, and I have no one else to blame but myself. (NEVER buy anything without doing any research!!)

So what is wrong about this product? Basically everything, it’s a concealer trying to mimic a BB foundation. The liquid is super thick, very extremely hard to spread and after you managed to spread out, it looks as if you applied your entire face with a concealer. The coverage, despite it being such a thick formula isn’t great. The product transfers and the worst is, it looks SUPER EXTREMELY CAKEY. As I was saying, it looks as if you applied your entire face with a concealer. My skin could hardly breathe. I bought and only used it once, and it’s just sitting at the corner of my vanity, waiting to be thrown 🙂

Note: The cushion concealer thing also a disappointing product that I will not re-purchase. The coverage is below average and doesn’t layer well. I don’t really dig the cushion application either. THe cushion tip broke and fell off entirely

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel


All the hype, but I still didn’t have any luck with this product. This thing just does NOT last on me! The recommended time is 2 hours and I tried that, once I take a shower, it’s all gone. Then I tried to apply over night until the next morning, same thing, I peel out the gel and washed my face. Where did my brows go??? I heard it is because I used a lighter shade so it doesn’t work, but you know what, I’d rather spend my money on a brow pencil!

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint #1 Camellia Tint


Innisfree Eco Flower Tint #1 Camellia

The only one thing that I like about this tint is that it smells good. 🤗 However, despite it being a tint, this product requires multiple retouch and does not last long. Furthermore, once it fully dries on your lips, it definitely dries out your lips and sink into the lip lines. If you have a lot of dead skins of your lips, the tint will definitely make it more visible. 

Therefore, it is better to apply lip balm or exfoliate your lips when using this lip tint. The ultimate reason that makes me regretting buying it is that lip tint is supposed to have longer lasting power but this one does not last 😦

 So that is all for our K-beauty Regrets Part 2! We hope these reviews will be helpful when you’re making choices on which products to purchase! Thanks for coming by and stay tuned for more content!



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8 thoughts on “K-beauty Products We Regretted Buying Part 2

  1. rainywonderlandblog says:

    Great post! I could also compile a list of k-beauty purchase regrets myself.. being the skincare/makeup fanatic I am! 😂


  2. rainywonderlandblog says:

    My sister bought a bunch of those Laniege Two-tone lipsticks during our last trip at Singapore and she’s never actually used them for the exact same reasons as above! For something so expensive I was hoping that would be a bit more decent.. haha, though you gotta admit they look good!


  3. beautywithcal says:

    Really! The Laneige bb cushion is so good! I’ve large pores and it covers well even W/o Pore Primer! Have you tried with pore Primer? The coverage isn’t as good as foundation of course but it’s still one of the better ones out there! Maybe try the L’Oréal TRUE MATCH cushion? The coverage is better!


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