Too Faced Totally Cute Palette Review

Hello everyone!! Sorry for not posting for almost 2 weeks 😭 We bought a few new stuff and have been trying out to give the best and honest review.

This time, we are back with the review of Too Faced Totally Cute Palette!! 😍


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It is a limited edition eyeshadow palette with 9 shades, from matte to shimmer, plus, it comes with 2 sheets of stickers which you can use to decorate your palette 😍 (If you buy online from Too Faced, you get an extra sheet) How cute is that! Look at how my palette has turned out 😉

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Too Faced Totally Cute Eyeshadow Collection

The eyeshadow collection comes with a step-by-step guide with 3 beauty looks to get you started with this palette.


1. Ice Cream Cutie (Double Scoop, Bunny Fu-Fu, Chocolate Donut) 2. Lucky Girl (Shooting Star, Clover, Storm Cloud) 3. Totally Cute (Unicorn, I ❤ TF, Meow!)


  • Double Scoop: matte vanilla malt
  • Bunny Fu-Fu: matte pumpkin spice / burnt orange
  • Chocolate Donut: matte dark brown

The first row are all matte shade. It is obvious that the matte shades have easy fallout. Some of the powder even dropped on my phone and bed even before I swatch on my hand 😢 Watch out for the fallouts and use this BEFORE putting up your foundation! However, the shades are pigmented though. These 3 colours will definitely be great for daily look. Out of these 3, I like Bunny Fu-Fu the most because it will be a best crease shade ever.


  • Shooting Star: Shimmery Nude
  • Clover: Golden Green Pearl
  • Storm Cloud: Blackened Peacock

Second row is my FAVOURITE. I don’t think Shooting Star will be a great choice for base shade because it’s too shimmery, it will be a great highlighter though. Clover and Storm Cloud are the best shimmery shade in this palette. The powders are smooth, easy to blend, and the colour really POPS. They are easier to blend compared to first row.

Storm Cloud also sort of reminds me of Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Bae. However, Bae is more of a purple undertone, while Storm Cloud is more of a peacock green undertone.


Credit: Temptalia


Besides from being a great base shade, Unicorn can be a gorgeous highlighter as well. I ❤️ TF had not lived up to my expectation because it is the only pink shade in this palette but the powders aren’t exactly smooth and had massive fallout once I put it on my hand.


See what I ❤️ TF has become after I swatch it 😭 The powder is all over the place 😢However, it is quite nice to blend, just remember to tap off excess powder from your brush before you put it on.

Meow! pigmentation isn’t really great, it’s patchy and a bit hard to blend. The swatch on my hand is not single swatch but multiple swatch.

Overall: This palette might make your makeup really messy so put your eye makeup first BEFORE your foundation. All shadows shade have fallouts except Clover & Storm Cloud. Shooting Star & Unicorn can be highlighting shade. All the matte shades (the first row) are quite disappointing because the fallouts are the worst. However, I might consider to bring this palette while travelling because of the size, and it provides earth shades and shades that pop.



(3/5 because of the massive fallouts, but the colours are great and good to blend in overall)



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