August Faves!

Hello people! August just ended and of course, we have bought quite a bit of stuff in August. Anddddd, today we are gonna share our August favourite items!

Sam’s Fave

Yves Saint Laurent #407 Carmin Session

The first product that’s absolutely one of my favourites is the famous YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain. The shade #407 is really popular in Asia that we couldn’t even find a tester to swatch in YSL counter! Thanks to Annie who has gotten this famous lip stain in Europe as my birthday gift 😍

The angled brush makes it easy to apply every corner and border of the lips. The texture is cream-like, it doesn’t fully dry down so it can be a little bit sticky after application. You can either go for the gradient lips look (like the Koreans!) or build it up to full lips look. It is also transferable, nonetheless, it can be easy to reapply. The quality and is worth the price tag!!



(seriously, save maybe 3~4 drugstore lipsticks and get at least 1 YSL. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.)

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation


This drugstore brand foundation has highly raved among YouTubers and beauty bloggers not without reasons. For such a lazy person like me, I actually haven’t used liquid foundation for really long time since I got BB cushion. (lazy person, you know the drill *wink*) But I really want to try out this foundation because of all those RAVES, plus the price tag, it’s no harm trying it out.

My skin type: combination, oily at T-zone. I got myself shade #2 classic ivory (it is the 2nd lightest shade in Singapore! 😂 maybe I’m not that dark after all LOL). The texture is a bit watery and easy to blend. When I apply it using my Real Techniques Sponge, the foundation just melts into my skin. The shade suits my skin tone really well. The finishing is more like semi-matte rather than fully matte which I really like.

Coverage: 3/5. It has medium coverage and it is buildable; I would need extra concealer to cover my terrible dark eye circles. 😭

Longevity: 3.5/5. For the first 6 hours of application, the foundation hasn’t moved a bit! However, after 8 hours, although it is not oily, the foundation has started to get cakey around my nose and showing dry patches on my face. The oil controls ability of this foundation is really good for a combination skin in such a hot weather in Singapore!

Packaging: 1/5. I’m sorry but I have to thumbs down the packaging. There is no spatula, brushes or dropper. You have to pour the foundation out on your hand or on a palette. As it could be hard to control the amount that you are pouring out, it is really troublesome for working adults who do makeup every morning in rush! I really wish that they would bring the UK version of packaging to Singapore!


The UK version is packaged in a tube!! WE NEED THIS!!!

Although the packaging really sucks, I really do like this foundation for its finishing, longevity and price point! I’m actually planning to transfer it to my empty bb cushion case to make the application and my life OOPS easier. I wonder if the different application method will have any impact on the finishing 🤔 I will update you guys if I succeed! Well.. If I don’t… I’ll still update you guys 😂



(I’d definitely repurchase it for its performance and price point! But 1 point minus for the packaging)

Essence Satin Touch Blush


I got myself #20 Satin Love and #30 Satin Bronze. The texture is creamy-smooth but still somewhat powdery. When you hit the pan with your brush, you will see that the powder is super fine, which makes the blusher a really smooth texture. It is super blendable and the finishing is satin (just like the name claims). For such hot weather in Singapore, the blusher is definitely considered long-lasting. It can last through all day long without any retouches. At the end of the day, I still can see the colours on my cheeks!

For #30, it is the first brown undertone blusher that I’ve ever owned. I purchased it out of curiosity and didn’t think I’d like it. However, I’m in love with this blusher once I apply it on my cheeks! It is a subtle blusher that makes my face complexion looks natural but better, and it suits Asian skin tone really well. I’d sometimes mix it with my NARS #Orgasm to add a bit of shine on my cheek and I’m really in love with the subtle effect with a bit of sheen 😍

For #20, it’s a rosy brown blusher with a reddish undertone. The pigmentation is CRAZY compared to the shade #30. Be sure to tap off the excess before applying it on your cheeks. As the powder is blended more on my skin, the finishing becomes sheerer and more luminous. It just makes me looks healthy.



(Although as much as I’d like to buy all the shades, I couldn’t find #10 Satin Coral in Singapore 😭 )

Annie’s Fave

Lancôme Matte Shaker #270 Beige Vintage

The Lancôme matte shaker was a birthday gift from my friends and ever since I’ve used it, I’ve fallen in love with it. Firstly, the formula is really really good. The formula is matte however it is not drying at all. The application is super smooth and the texture is super creamy and buttery. The formula sits very well on the lips and does not emphasize lip lines or dryness on the lips. Next, the colour is truly my favourite part of the matte shaker. The colour is rosy MLBB shade that would instantly brighten up my dull face while not being too overwhelming. It’s definitely the best everyday shade! I just pop this in my everyday bag and carry it around all the time. The sponge tip is easy to use but not necessarily the best applicator. It is not very easy to define the edges and sometimes it picks up too much product, then when you try to apply the edges, it creates a thick streak of product at the lip edges, then I’ll have to go over with either a lip brush or use my fingers to rub it out. However, it’s not a big deal because I think this shade looks better without a defined edge. The Korean ombre lip look works perfectly well with this shade too! The product also does transfer a little but not too much, and it is very long lasting. After a whole large sized of Share Tea, my lips still stayed put except for a little fading at the center of my lips due to the transfer to the straw.



(Definitely my go-to lipstick, and probably my ride-or-die! Go try them out! You’ll not regret it!)

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Weenie and Wattles

We love Colourpop and their super shock shadows are definitely our most favourite. This two shades that I own were the best compliment to each other. Wattles is a soft rosy brown shade with a little bit of sheen in it while Weenie is a rose gold/bronze shade that has a beautiful shine. When I was travelling, I only used this two on my eyelids. They create a sweet romantic, everyday look. They super easy to blend and super convenient for travel. My go-to eye look was to put Wattles all over the lid and pat on Weenie right on the center of the lid for that extra pop. I’ll usually pair it with a brown eyeliner and sometimes a pink eyeliner from the brand Moteliner. Using a brown/pink eyeliner to pair with the eye look makes it softer and even more sweet looking.

Needless to say, Colourpop Supershock Shadows definitely have great quality and beautiful shades so I won’t go on about that. Overall, I highly recommend this two shades. If you find two shades that have sheen too overwhelming, you could pair with a matte eyeshadow from Colourpop, My preferred shade would be Brady. It goes super well with this two shade with its rosy brown tone.



(What? You haven’t owned any Colourpop eyeshadows??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE???)

RMK 2016 Christmas Base Kit

IMG_6431 copy

So I got this mini travel size kit during Christmas in 2016 and it is definitely money well spent. In case you all do not know, RMK is a Japanese brand and they have spectacular skincare as well as makeup products. Their base makeup – foundations/concealers/powders are exceptionally well. I’ve never used a high-end foundation before and RMK is my first one. They made me understand the difference between a drugstore and high end. The formula definitely really good and they stay on the skin as though I have nothing on. It is super easy to blend out and a little goes a long way. The finish is super natural and silky smooth. It has a satin finish and does not transfer and most importantly, they last very very long. The kit also has a purple colour control makeup base which would brighten up the skin tone when used. I mix the liquid foundation and the makeup base together to achieve a smoother texture and then use the gel creamy foundation to touch up on areas that require more coverage. After that, I will either use a powder brush to dust my face with the compact powder or set my undereye and T-zone with the sponge. The sponge is really good quality and so is the compact powder. Overall I do not regret spending the money and definitely will look into their products in the future.



(Minus one point for the price of the actual full size items LOL)

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

IMG_6429 copy

What more should I say about this product? This is probably one of the best selling items from The Ordinary and I can totally understand why. The benefits of Niacinamide we all know – anti-oxidant, boost immunity of skin, improve skin barrier, reduce redness, fine lines and hyperpigmentation, regulate oil production etc. and for the price? What more could you ask for? I’ve used this religiously almost every single day and I have noticed a significant improvement in the oil sebum production in my skin. I used to feel that my skin is very icky and oily about half a day, but now, after an entire day of work, my face feels fresh after a quick rinse with water. I used to need the use of a facial cleanser to properly clean my face, but now just by rinsing with water, my face feels cleaned and without oil! Also, I use this during the night and it is definitely very hydrating and plumps up my skin immediately. When I went travelling, I used this everyday and it really helped my skin a lot with all the travelling, change of climate and stress.

One down side of the Niacinamide is that some product does not stack with it results in pilling – where products gather into small tiny balls on your face. This is a problem but not a huge deal but you’ll have to be mindful of what product you use it together.



(It’s not super easy to get The Ordinary in Singapore but it ain’t hard either, just require a bit of waiting when buying them from online stores such as ASOS which definitely ships to Singapore. I got mine from a friend when she went to Australia!)

Origins Mega-Defense Barrier Boosting Eye Cream

IMG_6430 copy

So I first got to try this from their sample giveaway, it’s a relatively new product, I believe and they were giving out samples if you signed up for it. Cheapo like me yes, got one and this totally changed my life. I didn’t try a lot of eye creams before and the ones I did were mostly gel type, more for moisturising and night use but this one from the Origins, is a cream formula and has SPF of 20/PA++, so it is definitely meant for day use. What this amazed me was that firstly it is super gentle, unlike the gel ones that I used before, some might still give a little sting on my eyes (looking at you, Ahava ‘Gentle Eye Cream’), I have absolutely no reaction to this eye cream whatsoever. Also, it is not oily and is absorbed into my skin immediately when I rub them into my skin. Then, the most important part is that it IMMEDIATELY brightens up my undereye area and plumps up the skin making it super smooth after application. This is seriously a life changing moment for me. I have always been plagued with tired looking eyes because of my dark circles and eye bags, but when I applied this, I see a significant change in the skin tone and I must say I really enjoy that. I initially only treated this as a gentle sunscreen for my eyes (I was trying out other sunscreen and they stung my eyes), didn’t expect it to give such wonderful results! A little bit of the product goes a long long way, I’ve been using the sample for like 3 months now maybe even more, I still have not finished it! That’s why I went to get the full size one. Although it has a hefty price tag, you can definitely get a great deal of use from it!



(For this product, I must say it suits me but it might not suit everybody, especially at the sensitive eye area, so I wish you would ask for sample to try out before buying it!)



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