October & November Faves

Hello people! It’s been quite a while and we have soooooo much stuffs to share so let’s jump right in! 😉

Sam’s Favourites:

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

I absolutely love this palette. I ordered this palette in August because I had $10 birthday discount 😍 but I only started using in October (oops 🙊)

This palette has little to no fallout, is pigmented and easy to blend. The con is that it has no mirror, but it is very slim because of that, so it is really travel friendly. So I brought it with me to Korea and I was able to create different eye looks with just one palette!

P/S: I mostly use my fingers because it was more convenient 😂

The colour selection of Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette has enough warm earthy tones in matte and shimmer to create daily look which is perfect for the fall season, and also other shades to create an evening smoky eye look.

Bitter Start: a light beige colour with subtle warm undertone that can be used as the base colour on the eyelid.

Sweeter End: a pink undertone shimmer peachy shade that I actually feel meh 😐. It’s not ‘wow’ but it’s not bad either. I feel it’s not that shimmery and using finger to apply, the colour goes on my lid quite sheer. I think the colour payoff would be better    using wet, flat synthetic brush. This shade can be used to highlight my inner corner and my cheek 😀.

Warm Notes: a metallic finish, cranberry shade. This is my FAVOURITE shade 😍. It is really pigmented, and goes on lid easily. When I feel that my earthy eye look is too normal for the day, I would pop this shade on the centre of the lid, and blend it to the front.

Subtle Blend: a sheen, bronzy brown shade with warm undertone. This shade is pigmented as well, and it goes on the lid easily. I would pop it on the centre of the lid to brighten the eye look.

Beans are White: a neutral, blackened brown matte shade. This shade is perfect for lining the eye. It is pigmented and amazingly, not patchy!

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette swatches

Top to bottom: bitter start, sweeter end, warm notes, subtle blend, beans are white

Pure Ganache: a pigmented, easy to blend metallic sheen, golden brown shade perfect for day and night looks!

Substitute for Love: a medium orange brown shade in (mostly) matte finish. It has very very very little gold glitter and it can’t be seen when used on eyes, that’s why i said it’s mostly matte. 😂 It is a perfect transition shade to be blended into crease.

Freshly Toasted: a darker, warmer version of Substitute for Love and it’s in matte. That being said, these 2 shades go well together in daily look. I always use this shade to accentuate the outer corner to increase depth of the eye look, and blend into the crease.

Infusion: this shade is similar to Beans are White, but with little bit of gold glitter in it, and the gold glitter is more visible than the one in Substitute for Love. At first, I didn’t think this shade would be good because this kind of colour is usually patchy. BUT to my surprise, it blends well on the eyes. However, I do not use this shade often because it’d be too much for daily look, but it’d be a perfect smokey eye shade.

Delicate Acidity: this shade looks almost grey in the pan, but it swatch like a taupe brownish colour with a light purplish hue. I can’t describe this shade very well because it’s confusing but looks gorgeous at the same time 😂. This is my 3rd favourite shade in this palette asides from Warm Notes & Substitutes for Love because it is an unique shade that I haven’t own in other palettes.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette swatches

Top to bottom: pure ganache, substitute for love, freshly toasted, infusion, delicate acidity

Price & availability: S$39, available at Sephora!



(5/5 for it is easy to work with, its pigmentation, blendability and longevity. It is not very expensive either! Go grab yours now!!)

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips – Zuma

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip in Zuma

If you have read our previous post about colourpop haul, you’d know that I’m a fan of their blotted lips series (besides from the sucky packaging). After seeing all those swatches of ultra blotted lips, how could I not lay my hand on it?!

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip in Zuma swatches

The formula of this series is confusing but amazing at the same time 😂. Although it is not as drying as the other matte liquid lips, in my opinion, this formula is not suitable to be layered, as I’d feel rather ‘thick’ and look ‘flaky’. As it is tricky to distribute even amount of the product on lips with the applicator, I would dot a few dots and blot the lips. And repeat again.

It dries down quick into a soft matte finish look, and when you press your lips, you can feel a powdery texture. It is completely transfer proof but it is nothing like lip tint so it cannot sustain through a meal because of oil (light snacks are okay). After I finished a meal, the lipstick faded from the centre of the lips. Reapplication was easy, just dot at the centre and blot your lips.

Zuma is a rosy mauve shade (say whatttt MLBB fans 😍). Again, just like their blotted lips series, you can use this when you are lazy to put makeup on but don’t want to look washed out.

Price & availability: US$6 😱 at colourpop.com



(if this doesn’t burn you, I don’t know what will)

Jam Rice Herbal Soap

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This is actually a gem introduced by my mum. When we were heading to a pasar malam (night market) in Johor Bahru, she was saying that she wanted to buy a Thai brand soap which is very good for skin. The seller claimed that the soap can smoothen skin, which interests me a lot as I have long suffered from Keratosis Pilaris (a bumpy skin condition) and hyper pigmentation from acne scar on my arm and my back. Well, I certainly did not expect much from this soap initially. But the result surprised me.

I’ve been using this Rice Milk Soap constantly for around a month, and my skin (especially my arm) definitely feels A LOT smoother. For the area on my back that I cannot reach, it’s still bumpy. So it’s obvious that this soap is working its magic 😍 PS: Now I have to ask my mum to help washing my back everyday because my short arms cannot reach😂

This Rice Milk Soap bar is not as huge as other soap bar that you can readily find in the market. According to the vendor, it melts quicker compared to the other soap bar because of the high content of rice milk, so do not place it with direct contact of water.

The ingredients ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The brown colour grain is actually rice 😂 and I think it helps to exfoliate the skin. It lathers super easily even with the melted soap water. I really enjoy the smell because it resembles Thai coconut pudding 🤤 I also use the soap to wash my face because the ingredients are so natural that I just feel safe using it on my face, even the female part down there 😳

The one that I’m using is from ‘ausacompany’. However, when I googled about “Thai Rice Milk Soap”, apparently there is another brand called ‘K Brothers Soap’ who also carries the same type of soap. The soap itself, the packaging and the ingredients are pretty similar. I’m not sure how they are different. But to my knowledge, ‘K Brothers Soap’ are available in some pharmacy shop in Bangkok. Anyone who knows more about this please comment! 😬

Price & availability: RM30/dozen in JB night market or Bangkok(?)



(It works, it smells good and it’s cheap! No harm trying if you see them in night market or Bangkok!)

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

I bought this in Korea and it became my ‘first aid’ go to product. I’m not super acne prone skin, but I do have stubborn pimples at my chin where the pimples just keep popping up at the same spot and the hyper pigmentation won’t go away 🙄. It’s effing annoying seriously. But I cannot give up my makeup even when I have pimples 👉🏻 👈🏻 so this pimple patch really saves my life. It forms a barrier between the acne spot and the pollution in the air, also the makeup products, so that it won’t be further irritated.

When I put the patch on initially, I can’t help but keep touching it to check if the patch is still on. After few hours, it’s still there and I totally forgot about its presence on my face 😂

This pimple patch contains Petroleum Resin and Liquid Paraffin, where the ingredients are able to soothe, smoothen and hydrate. When the patch is on, it definitely smoothes the acne spot and I don’t feel irritation at all. What I most like about this product is that the patch is TRANSPARENT. Now you can go out with the patch on without people staring at you or layer your makeup on effortlessly.

COSRX acne pimple master patch

It comes with 24 patches in different sizes

(It comes with 24 patches in different sizes)

Price & availability: 3500W (roughly S$4.30) at Olive Young, Watsons Korea, LOHB’S. You can find them at Shopee Singapore too!



(I should’ve bought more 😭😭😭)

Annie’s Favourites:

Heroine Make Mascara Remover


Mascara Remover Wand – The new packaging is white cap blue body!

So… I’ve been putting on makeup slightly more in Hong Kong these days because the weather has been significantly better – and with that I meant that the temperature have dropped! That means the makeup can last longer! Hurray! So one thing that I find really helpful and super worth it is the Heroine Make Mascara Remover, basically it is shaped like a mascara, except inside it has this amazing liquid that melts off any waterproof mascaras like in a blink.


The wand has little sockets which holds little pockets of makeup remover liquid and you can just brush through your lashes. The liquid might sting your eyes a little so be careful when you apply (I personally do not really react badly to the remover liquid). So after you brush through your eyelashes with the liquid, I will go over with my normal makeup remover on a cotton pad or wipes. The liquid is so strong that right after I apply it to my mascara-clogged lashes and blink my eyes, the mascara that got melted away would leave stains on my under-eye area. So I normally remove my eye makeup on one eye before going onto the second eye. If you use other type of cleansers such as oil cleansers, I don’t think it matters much but it sure would be extremely helpful n effectively removing all the waterproof mascaras!

Price & availability: Any drugstore should carry this item! Around $20+




Addiction Cheek Polish in 06 Tadzio


I bought this liquid blush in October and ever since then I’ve just been using literally non-stop. Every time I decide to put on makeup I just reach for this blush and nothing else basically. As the weather in Hong Kong is getting cooler and drier, I tend to avoid putting on powder on my face (except to set my under eye area), with most of my foundation being the more lightweight, liquidy type, I prefer to use a cream or liquid blush on top instead of a powder one.

The liquid blush is really really super great. The blendability of the product is out of the world and I heard it even blends well after you’ve powdered the face!! The colour that I’ve chosen its a sweet rose colour and a little bit of the product goes a looooooong way. Basically when I take out the applicator (shaped like a nail polish brush), I’ll have to wipe against the edge of the container to get rid of excess liquid blush before applying on my face. After doing that I can still create like three dots on my face and that’s all the amount I need on my cheek! The blush also last very long on the face and it gives a healthy natural flush which is super cute on anyone. Addiction also released products in similar packaging such as highlighter and I’ve tried them at the counter. I think the highlighter is extremely beautiful and if they apply as well as the blush, I think it would also be an awesome product to get *wink*

Price & availability: HK195 or around SGD$34



(I personally think that the price is definitely affordable, especially you could get ALOT of use out of this small little bottle. The downside is you can’t get this in Singapore! However if you do travel to Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong, do give them a try!)

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream


So also around October I bought the Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream because I used a sample of it from a previous purchase and thought that it wasn’t too bad, and also I needed an eye cream. That time I also received tons of samples from Kiehl’s and one of it was the Ultra Facial Cream! Again, I fall into the trap of using them and eventually buying the actual product! 😂😂😂 After a few uses, the avocado eye cream definitely hydrates my under eyes but that’s about it, nothing too special. HOWEVER, the Ultra Facial Cream in comparison definitely out-performed and I can understand why it is one of the more popular products of Kiehl’s.

Firstly the formula is super hydrating and that is exactly what I needed the most. It definitely can be used as a night cream but for the current dry winter/autumn weather in Hong Kong, I use it as a day cream. That being said, it is not heavy on the skin at all! Once you spread out the cream on your face, it turns into a watery consistency and spreads easily and smoothly across the face. For that reason, I only use the tiniest amount in the day and it can cover and hydrates my entire face completely.  As I have really really Sahara Desert dry skin, I don’t recommend people with normal/oily skin combinations to use them in the day, it might be too heavy for you guys. However I think that this product definitely suits any skin types!

Price & availability: In any Kiehl’s store! $49.00 for 50ml



(The price is rather steep so I recommend to get them while they have promotions in their store!)

YSL Tatouage Couture in no.5


Some of you guys might have seen this already as I have posted the lippie on our instagram @burnyourwallet (*wink* go follow if you haven’t already! We also have a Facebook Page too!) Bought in September on the first day of sale in Hong Kong~  😂  The liquid lips definitely did not disappoint! I cannot rave enough about the formula!!! Not only does it dry down beautifully, it does not emphasize lips lines or dryness on the lips. The transfer is close to none after the liquid lipstick dries down which is a major love!


Best Lip Applicator Award goes to…. YSL!!!

The colour that I choose is a mauve rosy tone which is perfect for any occasion, romantic date or everyday wear! After I bought it, I’ve literally been wearing it ALL THE TIME. I highly recommend anyone who is new to liquid lipstick to try out this colour, if not, all the other shades are also very beautiful! I’m so tempted to get more shades!



(Do I really even need to say anymore? GO BUY NOW!)

So here is our accumulated favourites of October and November! Hope you guys find the reviews helpful (in burning your wallet) 😉😉😉


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